How to Get ORGASM – For Real!

6 Techniques for Orgasm that actually works!

Ever experienced an orgasm? Or perhaps you want to orgasm more often?

Here Are a Few Tips:

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1. Attitude

Keep it positive. Foster attitudes such as,

I am a sexy and sensual person.

I deserve to experience sexual pleasure and feel great.


Most importantly, while engaged in sexual activity,

  1. Do not lose focus by worrying about looking good to your partner, or wondering if you’ll come this time, feeling shame about what you like or think about, or other.
  2. Worrying about coming is the method of blocking orgasm. Focus on pleasurable feelings in your body if you have to think or envision an erotic fantasy.
  3. Experiment with different senses and discover exactly what turns you and feels the best. Is one area more sensitive than others? That’s useful info when you are asked by a spouse what you enjoy to understand.

2. Masturbate

Individuals have their first orgasmic experiences .

Some people find that they aren’t distracted by these concerns that haunt them during partner sex. They feel free to spend as much time as they need or want, or give a quickie to themselves or, depending on mood.

Get creative. Add fantasy or other sources of inspiration that is erotic. You get taught while masturbation what kind of sensations you respond to best.

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3. Clitoral Stimulation:

Most women require some type of external/clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm.

Most do not orgasm from vaginal insertion alone; if you’ve heard the reverse, or think that sex is the only”natural” way to come, take our word for it: This is a myth.

The best way to have an orgasm– trust the masses of women who know–is to use clitoral stimulation or a combination of both clitoral and vaginal touching.

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Some girls orgasm but if sex begins for arousal she is likely to become irritated rather than turned on.

If she is not already aroused, longer and more thrusting doesn’t create arousal or get off her.

Intercourse is highly pleasurable for many women, but the vaginal focus simply might not be sufficient to lead to orgasm, unless there’s sufficient clitoral stimulation.

Most do not orgasm from vaginal insertion alone; if you’ve heard the reverse, or believe that sex is the only”natural” way to come, take our word for it: This is a wishful-thinking.

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The Lelo been one of most popular clitoral massager. That means it doesn’t rely on vibrations like a conventional sex toy. Instead, it uses sonic waves and pulses to stimulate the entire clitoris – not just the external part you can see and touch.


The best way to get an orgasm– would be to use clitoral stimulation or a mixture of both touching.



4. Vibrators

These are a excellent way to explore your sexual responses, since they supply sustained, consistent stimulation.

Vibes are the perfect way to keep exploring if your hands get tired. Sometimes the stimulation is more powerful, and may be enough to take you”over the top.”

Another reason vibrators are great during both masturbation and partner sex is that they lessen the need to think as much about”to the left, to the right, up, down”–the vibe does that for you, freeing upthe mind and body to just experience sensation and arousal.

The way to do these exercises and to find out more, go here.

These muscles are the ones whose contractions are felt most strongly during climax; your orgasm quality will suffer to the point that you might not even notice when you come if they are weak.

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5. Be Patient

Enjoy the route of pleasure. Let go of limits. Anxiety about the amount of time necessary to come will only increase the amount of time it takes, and actually may stifle the orgasm entirely. In fact, more time spent in stimulation will bear fruit. Stimulation doesn’t wake up of the nerve endings how taking more time does, although we love quickies as much as the next person.

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6. Breathe

Many people find that they hold their breath during stimulation. Deep breathing can result in stronger orgasms. She recommends that you rhythmically thrust or pump your hips as opposed to remaining inert during partner and masturbation sex.

7. Sexual Healing

Lots of people have had sexual trauma or trauma in their past, and a number of them have discovered that recovery from these problems is part of discovering pleasure (and vice versa). We highly recommend educational movie Healing and Staci Haines’s book Sex: A Mind/Body Approach to Healing Sexual Trauma.

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Written by Jamie Lee


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