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A Brief Biography of Eminem | His Net Worth & Lifestyle

How He Spend His Millions

Whether you know him as Slim Shady or Marshall Mathers, just about everyone knows about Eminem, the rap legend worth $230 million who is one of the few good things still coming out of Detroit these days.

Michigan’s main man has accumulated a dizzying amount of awards, including 15 Grammy’s, 17 Billboard Awards, and even an Oscar. Oh, and he’s also sold more albums than any rapper in history, with 220 million of them flying off the shelfs.

So how did Marshall Mathers make his millions, and how does Slim Shady spend it?

Tough Times

The son of a single mother, Eminem spent much of his early years shuttling between homes of various family members before settling down in a primarily African American neighborhood in suburban Detroit. He was not a popular kid by any means, but turned to rapping when he 14 as a way to gain respect, and he certainly made the right decision.

It took a decade for his career to take off, but when it did, he exploded onto the scene, sending 11 albums to the top of the Billboard charts, charting several number ones, and selling more albums in the first decade of the 21st century than any other artist.

While his sales figures have slowed since then, he continues to rake in tens of millions of dollars annually from his still robust chart success and touring.

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