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A Brief Biography of Drake | His Net Worth & Lifestyle

How He Spend His Millions

Nice guy or soft guy, just about everyone has an opinion on Drake, but there’s a good chance he doesn’t care what you think. The Toronto-born rapper, after all, went from “like broke” as a teenager to a net worth of $180 million today.

He has built a musical empire, which the Recording Industry Association of America confirmed in 2018, by stating that he bested the likes of Eminem, Elvis, and Michael Jackson for the title of highest grossing male solo artist of all-time.

So how did Champagne Papi go from broke to bursting with cash? And now that he isn’t “like broke,” what does he do with all those millions?

What is Drakes net worth?

Drake had music in his blood, as his father and his uncles had all been prominent musicians in Memphis, but after his parents divorced, things were not great for him and his mother. At the age of 15, though, a friend’s dad who was an acting agent helped him land a role for him on the Canadian teen drame Degrassi, which he appeared on for seven years. 

That provided the perfect platform to launch his music career, and less than 10 years after his debut album was released, he earned his title as the highest-earning solo artist of all-time, with his total sales totaling $218 million as of 2018, so that figure is going has done nothing but go up.

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Written by Jamie Lee


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